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Happy Birthday Clive Parry

February 24, 2013


A poem to my friend & fishing partner.

I wrote you a poem
for this great day
To send you best wishes
On your 50th Birthday gracefully reached
a great time in your life
where you sit and look back
with Caine and your wife.

The times have been hard
High and low
but today is the day
you must take it slow

Happy Birthday my friend
and my great fishing buddy
our ventures have been wide
in search of our quarry
it has been my privelage
to be your under-study

We fish all day
for Trout to be found
some days they are few
and some days by the pound.

So to my great fishing buddy
partner and friend
may you keep catching loads
and keep in that trend
For some times I lead you
and there are days I’m in tow
I wish you a happy Birthday
To the fantastic Maestro !

All the very best Clive.

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