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Its a Lottery?

June 1, 2013

My story begins with a guy who is asked by his wife

“to pop out to the local supermarket to get some quick necessary “bits and bobs.”

 Bread , milk, orange juice , etc…

Nothing spectacular about his drive to the supermarket! He had driven along that route so many times. He could have driven blindfolded.

Our  guy in question is an ex soldier . He has a propensity to miss nothing going on around him. Small every day movements of people and their appearances. Going about their business.Everyday occurrences that people take for granted. Quite an observant guy, who is a vigilant observer by nature.

The stroll around the store was easy and none eventful. Taking mental notes of an attractive, well dressed lady doing her shopping.

He thought “she was quite overdressed for the occasion.”

He pays for the groceries and makes his way towards the exit.

However upon leaving and walking through the automatic doors he notices a Lottery scratch card on the floor. With a  nonchalant look at the scratch results, facing him, he immediately notices there are three fives uncovered! He picks up the card for further examination. The card is a winner of three of kind? Why was it discarded? Had somebody dropped it ? Turning on his heels to look around for anybody who may be looking like they had lost something, but nobody was! He returns to the counter in the reception area and approaches the Lottery counter. Without a word he hands over the card to the assistant.

The assistant checks the card and confirms it with a beeping scan from the lazer on the lottery machine.

She hands over the five pound note with a small smile , saying ” well done.”

Grinning, he says “Thank you .”

With that winning grin the guy repeats his walk out of the store towards his car across the car park. He began to think  ” he never noticed the card being there earlier, when he entered  the store ? “

 He triumphantly examines the note whilst walking and realises there are a certain amount of numbers he could choose from on the notes serial numbers. He could use on the weekly Saturday lottery draw.The thought of letting the luck run gave him the inspiration. He pocketed the note and drove home in automatic mode, giving no more thought to the five pound note…except for the imaginary speculation of winning the Lottery…”what would he do first if he did win ?”

What should he do?

Should he pocket the money and spend it on whatever he needs etc…

Or go back and ride the luck and  buy five “Lucky dips?”

Would appreciate your answers…….


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