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Alone on an Island .Edd Stafford ?

January 30, 2017

Recently I watched a guy attempt to break a record on an Island , completely unaided and only in his bare skin, he was to survive for a period of 60 days plus I think, or was it 90 days ?

Now, this guy was supposed to be an ex officer of the British Army, no unit mentioned ? Plus he had walked the length of the Amazon River or something fantastic ! Not the easiest fete I’m sure?

I watched the episodes with great interest.

Now I understand that there will be some serious editing going on of the self filming/recording of his time etc… he carried a small camera and head cam too. His connection to the outside world was only with a Doctor if there was serious threat to his life. There were also predetermined drop off points for his recorded days and replacement batteries. He was to have no other connection to the outside world. He was to survive on his own , unaided and naked !

I was intrigued by his initial survey of the small Island he marooned on …I would certainly have done a better job. I would have surveyed, scoured and finely combed that Island within the first hours of being abandoned there, if I was him ! (Not that I will ever be given that chance .)

Yet for some reason he didn’t go over the Island with a fine toothed comb so to speak ?

The Island had running water, wild goats, birds, lizards etc. Fresh coconuts, potato plants. Palm leaves, caves. A huge amount of trash had found its way to the island , ie, plastic bottles, old engine parts. rope. tins containers etc…yet he did not use them from day one ? Why ? Or is this kind of television supposed to be entertainment for the severely stupid ?

I’m an ex soldier myself . I served over 8 years in our Queens Armed forces.

If I had been given the chance to do that challenge , I think I could have lived there indefinitely. I certainly think I would have been a whole lot quicker at getting things from the Island than he did. Most certainly would have improvised a lot more than he did. The program seemed to air towards his suffering under such extreme conditions ? Yet from what we could see what was available to him, it was paradise !

As I watched him struggle through the days . I got increasingly annoyed.

He could have had it so easy and yet he chose to struggle !

So if any one ever reads this , that has anything to do with the production of that documentary…I wager that I could have stayed there twice as long as he did and with lots more home comforts, given what was available ! It is often said that Bull54it baffles brains, but not in this case I’m afraid !

Rant over !


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