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About Me ! ?

Hi I’m Jon.
Good God ! Where to start ? Was my biggest dilemma !

You see! I have come from troubled waters , lets say ?
Born in Blackpool, United Kingdom.westlow mere boat 006When you think of Blackpool…you may immediately think of all night boozers and the smell of puke and urine…? All mixed in with the aromas of doughnuts, Macdonalds and cheap perfumes !

I did grow up with frequent visits to my mothers home town and her memories were still there in loving photo’s, on the wall of my Nanna’s home !  My Nanna had a sister who lived with her husband in the flat above ,My Uncle Jack and Aunty Nelly ! I loved them dearly. My Uncle Jack was a miner and then turned his hand to becoming a cobbler ! …How would I like to describe my Uncle Jack and Aunty Nelly? Well I would say they were the kindest, most loving , happily married for over 60 years couple of people you could ever , ever meet ! Aunty Nelly always had a cake or a few scones being cooked in the oven…The house always smelled like a sweet shop or  bakery !  Uncle Jack had a voice like chocolate…a mixture of Morgan Freeman and a soft gravelly whispering voice. A small pot bellied , chubby man with a magnificent Blackpool weathered tan. Bald on top with silver sides and back with steely blue eyes…A wonderful , wonderful man.

My Nanna, well she wasn’t is all I can tell you about her ! I think when my granddad left her , she remained a spurned and bitter woman who literally hated any form of the male gender. Even her little lap dogs were tiny bitches…Snappy, frosty and sharp…As time has passed us all by , my nanna was still remaining in her ways of the 30’s & 40’s era.

Sufficed to say , I didn’t get on with her particularly. I always gave her a wide birth. During our family visits I would and stride  upstairs to see my Aunty Nelly and Uncle Jack  before my Nanna could  catch or warn me not to disturb them…!

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